Vintage Paul Brimhall Hand Carved Cedar Fencepost Large Jewlery Stash Box with Velvet Drawer - 90's

By Vintage Palm Springs


This is a beautiful work of Paul Brimhall, a Hand Carved Cedar Fencepost Small Jewelry Stash Box.  The secret inner core is a single drawer with intricate carved sections and a second nesting layer, lined with green velvet for your most secret of treasures. There is a carved out section to allow easy acces to pull out each drawer. Paul Brimhall's pieces from Colorado's San Luis Valley area. They create unique, one-of a kind boxes from retired cedar fence posts. No two pieces are alike. So authentic, you can smell the scent of cedar whenever you pull the drawer out. The furniture you display this on is protected from scratching by a brown felt bottom. This item is in excellent condition and includes no visible wear and tear.

Condition: Good/Fair
Brand: Paul Brimhall
Era: 90's
Size: L: 10.25, W: Approx 6.5", H: 5.5"
Special Note: All Paul Brimhall pieces are made from used fenceposts. Each has unique wear patterns, etching, knots, and scratches unique to the natural weathering and environmental elements of the fenceposts. Each piece is unique and no two are alike. Please understand that these are made from raw wood posts and the un-perfect nature of that is what makes these special.

The photos provide the best condition details and close ups. But if you still have additional condition questions, just ask!