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Vintage items = Older items

Vintage essentially means older and used item.  Please take this into consideration when purchasing any vintage item - but most importantly the vintage items you purchase from us.

All the the unique pieces within our collection consist of items that are more than 30 years old.   This also means that most of the items you buy from us may have been worn and loved once before, most likely a few times !

Occasionally we may include some rare, Mint / Unworn items, but for the most part, our items have been previously loved and used.

However all of our Items will be very wearable by our standards and verified for quality, authenticity and cleanliness before being sent out to their new loving home.

Vintage Clothing Condition Key

It’s important to remember that Vintage clothing is not new!  On some occasions, you will find items that have been slightly worn, but for the most part - all vintage has been previously worn.

To help you understand the condition of a garment, we will use the below guidelines on all of our product pages to help both us and you identify the quality and condition of a garment.

Mint Condition: When an item is as perfect and pristine as when it was originally made - shows no signs of wear (mint condition is super rare).
Near Mint Condition: An item that shows only the slightest signs of wear. Almost perfect!
Very Good Condition: An item considered wearable but has some surface flaws (staining or soiling, for example).
Good Condition: An item is wearable but cannot be returned to excellent condition even if repairs are made.

The older a piece of clothing is, the more likely it will display indications of its age. As a standard rule of thumb, signs of wear should be expected for vintage goods.