Coveting the Treasures of the Palms

360 days of sun-kissed weather and drop-dead gorgeous scenery - it's no wonder Palm Springs is like no place else.

The landscape has been a destination for style design architects, musicians, fashion designers and celebrities alike. The diverse design and vacation history puts tons of rare, unique and one of a kind pieces right in our back yard.

Though the hunt for rare vintage furnishings has become more challenging as tourism increased, there are still treasures to be found on the daily.

That’s where we come in.

Vintage Palm Springs offers 20+ years experience in design, curating and online marketing experience harnessed into one super power.  Getting rare Vintage Treasures from all over Southern California to you.  We meticulously verify the condition and quality of each treasured piece along with extensive research to verify each designer label is authentic.
We strive to give new life and love to treasured quality pieces of our past.

P.S. - It’s Vintage.


Amanda Morse

Business and Marketing Maven

California grown and kale fueled, Amanda lives her life shopping, traveling and collecting amazing people along the way. With 10+ years of experience in the product marketing and branding space, Amanda has realigned her focus to help bring new love and life to the timeless vintage treasures. Believing deeply that you have a choice on what you want your life to be and that health, family and Standard Poodles are her stones on the path to those dreams.

Picture of Amanda Morse

Lisa Erickson

Expert Stylist and Curator

A San Diego native with 10+ years styling and costume design experience, Lisa lives to love all things fashion. She enjoys exploring new towns and shops all over southern California seeking out unique pieces to capture the history of her passion. This punk loving vegan also believes in cherishing the most unique and rare of experiences and that more that a few coincidences in a row just means you're on the right path.

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Diana Castellanos

Blogger Extraordinaire

Diana is a recently converted vegetarian 🌱 and has an obsession with Pugs. She is a Masters in Health Administration and loves to care for people, the environment and minority rights. Loves the three Js: Josuhe, Jesus and Juice (more specifically lemonade). Studious and big history nerd 🤓 loving, humble, and social AF.

Picture of Diana Castellanos

Katie Skinner

Blogger Extraordinaire

Born in Pennsylvania but raised in Idaho, Katie constantly dreams of warm summery places. Graduating with a degree in Creative Writing in Spring 2019, she's thrilled to write and dream about the paradise of Palm Springs and the life of vintage things before they were considered vintage. She totally believes that the key to life is love and that you should spend your time enjoying the people you surround yourself with.

Picture of Katie Skinner