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Top 10 Palm Springs Celebrity Homes of the Past


Top 10 Palm Springs Celebrity Homes of the Past

By Katie Skinner.


Hello, vintage babes. I’m back with another blog post and this time it’s a very titillating topic, celebrity homes. But not just any celebrity homes.  I’m talking about those beautiful vintage homes that you can find in Palm Springs.  Now, obviously touring or visiting celebrity houses is a big thing in California.  Many celebrities have homes here, and they are no strangers to having people come and check out the fantasy life that they are living.  Who wouldn’t like to see glitz and glamour, and then daydream that it could be you?  I know I can’t be the only one! In fact, there is a whole bus tour that goes around and parks outside famous people’s houses, so that you may take pictures and see where your celebrity idol lives.  These places show some history and show us the different styles that some of our celebrities have or used to have.  These were some of the most influential people in our media and seeing where they lived and how they lived gives us a little idea of what Palm Springs used to be and what it has grown into.


This is amazing to see, because Palm Springs has a rippling effect on everyone, celebrities included.  There is something powerful here, the atmosphere makes for paradise, as many celebrities have decided to enjoy by moving here.  The history of the allure of Palm Springs came about in the 20s. Celebrities were given a “two-hour rule”.  They weren’t to be farther than two hours from the movie studios in LA, in case they needed to be called back. Palm Springs was conveniently located and gave a relief from the business of LA.  They would have relative privacy in the Coachella Valley and it’s a beautiful area to decompress.


The Kaufmann House - 470 Vista Chino, Palm Springs - Built 1946

Barry Manilow moved in in the early 70s and caused the house to stay popular, but it was Edgar J Kaufmann, a Pittsburgh department store titan, that actually got it popular in the first place, when he used it as a vacation home.  This house is known for its beautiful architecture, so much so, that it is now considered to be a piece of art.  As of 2007, when it was auctioned as art, it was estimated to be worth roughly $19.1 million. 


Dean Martin - 1123 Via Monte Vista, Palm Springs

He bought the house for $56,000, one of the last people to buy a house from the father and son architecture pioneers George and Robert Alexander. The pair died along with the rest of their family in a plane crash in 1965. He and Jeanne, his second wife, lived there in the 60s and 70s. She can still be seen here on the occasion.


Ann Miller with Arthur Cameron - 457 Hermosa Place, Palm Springs – Villa Paradiso – Built 1928

The interesting detail about this place is that it is believed that this was the place that Frank Sinatra punched the bartender for messing up his extra dry martini. The front of this house is deceiving, his huge estate has had many people that lived here before, including Howard Hughes; yo-yo inventor Donald Duncan, Charlie "Kewpie" Rich and Cary Grant.  The property boasts many amenities, including 14 bathrooms for 8 bedrooms, a fur-coat closet that is climate regulated, and even has a pond AND a pool. Wild! Nowadays, Toni Holt Kramer and her husband, Robert Kramer live here.


Frank Sinatra - 70588 Frank Sinatra Drive, Rancho Mirage

Speaking of Frank Sinatra, he also lived in Palm Springs between 1954 and 1995. There are eight buildings on the property, but he stayed in the main house which is roughly 8,000 square feet. He was fascinated by trains, of all sizes and shapes, so he decorated the entire main house, inside and out, with them.



Debbie Reynolds - 670 Stevens Road - Built 1959

She purchased the house, mostly for her parents use, in 1963. They owned the house for around 20 years, and then proceeded to sell it for $79,500 in 1987. Her children visited a lot when they were young. As of February 2018, the house was up for sale for $665,000 after some renovations, courtesy of the owners.


Elvis Presley and Priscilla - Honeymoon Hideaway - 1350 Ladera Circle – Built in the 60s

Of course, no one forgets the king. This house is iconic and obviously had to be added to the list. It has an amazing structure and breathtaking views. Elvis and Priscilla got married on May 1st, 1967 and spent their honeymoon in this house. Think Elvis crooning romantic songs, while he carries his new bride over the threshold. Swoon-worthy. Exactly 9 months later, Lisa Marie was born in the house. What a history! Nowadays, we can tour the house on the daily!


Clark Gable – 222 Chino Dr. – Casa Del Corazon – Built 1925

This is a gorgeous pink house! I wouldn’t like this color for a house, but frankly my dear, Clark Gable doesn’t give a damn. The current owner is Joel Douglas, Kirk Douglas’s son, and it was put on the market in 2014 for $2.195 million! Joel Douglas says that it lives up to its name “The House of the Heart”. The house has undergone renovations, but they remain similar to the architectural design and still have a Spanish Colonial look to them.


Walt Disney - 2688 S. Camino Real, Palm Springs – Built 1962

Oh yes, of course Disney had a place in Palm Springs. There is Disney memorabilia sprinkled all throughout the house, like a vintage Pinocchio poster from the 1940s! This is a house full of surprises and sure to make you the happiest person on Earth, if you love all things Disney. There is even a little painting near the baseboard in the house somewhere that depicts what may be a silhouette of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse holding hands, like old friends.


Elizabeth Taylor - 417 W. Hermosa Place, Palm Springs – Casa Elizabeth – Built in the 30s

Okay, so technically this doesn’t fit the timeline. This is the only house that Elizabeth Taylor bought in Palm Springs, and she lived here from 2004 to 2011, the year she died. I added this to the list because, not only does it have historical roots, but you can rent it, starting at around $500-$600 a night. Or roughly $150 per bedroom. The house is decorated with her belongings, so you can experience living like Liz Taylor.


                This was a lot of fun to go through and that wasn’t the entire list, just a few of the main ones. Personally, I wouldn’t go looking for a celebrity’s home, especially one that is still occupied. I think that it would get awkward, but it was incredibly fun to look online. It makes you want to move to Palm Springs and live in vintage style forever. Almost as if when you travel there, you get transported back into time. Back into Vintage Palm Springs. If you do like going on the tours and seeing the houses in person, I don’t blame you! The opportunity to see something great, while potentially also getting to see the person who lives there is hard to pass up. It’s why there are tours in the first place! A lot of people love seeing this kind of stuff. It reminds me of one of my favorite past times when driving through a neighborhood: looking for houses for sale that are beautiful and fantasizing. This is similar, just that there is a celebrity in the house instead. (When buying houses previously owned by celebrities, you don’t get to keep the celebrity, sorry lol.)

Palm Springs has a rich history and many celebrities were there to celebrate it. There is something about Palm Springs that you can fall in love with and want to stay. Once it gets to you, you can’t help to dream about the beauty and paradise that is Palm Springs. But, if you can’t live there yourself, some very famous people did a while back, and now those houses are part of history forever. You can always take a tour or go looking for the houses yourself. There are plenty of ways to find out where each of these famous homes are. Or, if you are more like me, and don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home to learn more about these houses, you have the internet! Either way, now that you have an idea, you can easily find them, in person or online. Easter Egg alert! The rest of the photos in the blog are all celebrity homes in Palm Springs. Try your hand at figuring out who owns them!

Happy house touring, Vintage Babes.





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